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  • Never Put All your Eggs in One BasketJune 2019

    Can we offer some words of caution; never put all your eggs in one basket!

  • Taking a moment to pause...May 2019

    What do May and October have in common for stock markets? They are both months when investors tend to adopt a decidedly negative view.

  • Active management is dead, long live active management!January 2019

    Think back to the turn of the millennium, what were you doing? More than likely cracking open the bubbles to see in the dawn of a new era, perhaps some of us were fretting over the infamous Y2K computer meltdown heralded at the stroke of midnight!

  • Down but not out!January 2019

    2018 will hardly be remembered as a vintage year for global markets, in fact, it will likely be lamented with a grimace as the year that broke the back of the 10-year bull run and a year when investors were reminded, uncomfortably, that markets go down, as well as up.