Why Choose TAM?

TAM can trace its company roots back to the 1930’s and today is an award winning investment manager providing innovate solutions to Clients from around the globe.

A brief history

TAM Asset Management International  (TAM International) was established in 2004 to enable the International IFA market to offer their clients the award-winning model portfolio service provided by UK-based discretionary investment manager TAM Asset Management (TAM).

TAM’s origins trace back to the 1930s and the floor of the London Stock Exchange. From these early beginnings, they are now recognised as an institutional investment expert providing advisers and their clients with both onshore and offshore investment management solutions.

In 2007 TAM launched the risk-graded Active (previously Premier) model portfolio range, which was immediately tested during a market meltdown as they entered the sub-prime led ‘financial-crisis’. Their ethos from day one has been “to make money you mustn’t lose money” and place risk management and capital preservation at the core of all they do. These policies proved up to the task as clients incurred only minor losses during that period of unprecedented equity market decline and were able to benefit fully from the bull market that ensued.

In 2013 TAM were one of the first DFMs to launch the thematic Sustainable World (previously ESG) risk-graded model portfolio range to cater to those with specific sustainability-focused investment goals. Today, sustainability is a core component of the investment landscape and an essential requirement for a new generation of investors.

Today, TAM International, offers clients the choice of award winning model portfolios and custom-made solutions tailored to fit your personal situation and preferences.

Global Reach

We support clients based in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and through our investment partners the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. By understanding the local context but applying the same global standards we ensure each client is offered the highest ethical and regulatory regime.


We have made our portfolios as accessible as possible. We accept investments directly or transfers from your pension scheme (SIPP and QROPS), life insurance bond, wrapper, or trust.  We work with most of the major product providers and are adding new ones each day, taking away adviser burden by liaising directly with the ceding offices.


 The Security of your Assets

The Security of your Assets

The security of your investment is paramount, this is why we do not seek to hold client assets directly and instead investments are held with internationally recognized custodians.  

Our principal custodian, Pershing Limited, is part of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon), one of the world’s largest and strongest financial institutions in the world, unparalleled in terms of their size, security and experience in custody and clearing services. 

Pershing have been providing such services since 1939 and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. Pershing offers some of the highest levels of protection available in the industry to each and every client.  Further information regarding Pershing and their services can be found at their website:  www.pershing.co.uk


The liquidity of an investment is fundamental for its consideration for a portfolio. The time to return your client’s money is reported every day and we do not impose any lock-in periods for clients withdrawing or moving their funds if their circumstances change, or they are not entirely satisfied.



As a discretionary investment manager, clients benefit from our ability to adjust the compositions of their investment portfolios in order to quickly react to key market conditions. This flexibility allows us, within a portfolio's parameters, to add protection or take advantage of a growing market. To illustrate, the chart shows the actions taken by our investment team to protect clients' wealth during the 2008 financial crash, actions similar to those carried out during the 2020 COVID-19 market fall.

Risk Management

Each of our model portfolios is risk profiled so you can intuitively know which is appropriate to meet your client's investment objectives, which can be changed during the life cycle of their investment depending on their circumstances.

Each of our services is available in Defensive to Adventurous, and our Active service benefits from additional Liquidity Plus and Speculative portfolio options.

The chart is for illustrative purposes only. Weightings may deviate from these levels at the Investment Team's discretion whilst staying within specific guidelines.

 Risk Management


We understand that clients require a global perspective when investing. This ensures the broadest opportunity set to identify investments we believe will perform well in every economic environment.

Building a diversified portfolio is an important aspect of our risk management process and ensures clients enjoy the benefits of rising markets and importantly protection for their portfolio during times of market volatility. Our portfolios are diversified by asset class, geographic region, strategy and fund manager.

The chart is for illustrative purposes only. Weightings may deviate from these levels at the Investment Team's discretion whilst staying within specific guidelines.


Each portfolio is individually benchmarked in accordance with risk profiling and is monitored and reviewed by our investment managers on an on-going basis.

Our long-term track record dating back to before the last major financial crisis demonstrates performance across different market cycles and conditions.  Individual performance factsheets can be found here.  Add link to  Factsheets and Literature section.


Our innovative online platform offers 24-hour access to clients and their advisers. It allows instant consolidation of all your investments, real-time portfolio valuations, detailed analysis of investments, performance measurement and details of asset exposure. With a few clicks it is possible to draw a full management report and have it delivered as a .pdf file instantly. This reporting package allows for you to choose the dates and style of your report and it is all available at the touch of a button.