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Best Private Wealth Management Company - TAM International

TAM Asset Management International win Best Private Wealth Management Company 

In November, we were delighted to tell you that TAM Asset Management were named winners of the 2015 Wealth and Finance International 'Award for Innovation in Portfolio Management - UK'. Today, we are thrilled and humbled to inform you that TAM Asset Management International, has been named 'Best Private Wealth Management Company' at the 2015 International Finance Magazine Awards. 

The International Finance Magazine (IFM) Awards celebrates excellence in its purest form. An event that recognizes and honours individuals and organisations in the international finance industry that make a significant difference and add value, the Award is one that will herald the highest standards of innovation and performance. The Award shines a spotlight on those who make a contribution to raising the bar in the financial industry through activities of note. These include path-breaking initiatives in corporate social responsibility or charitable activities, better corporate governance and other achievements that impact the global finance community.

Apart from recognizing the key performers in the industry, the IFM Award makes a concerted effort to shine the spotlight on organisations in niche segments and those that exhibit brilliance in the unsung corners of the finance industry.

It goes without saying that we were extremely proud of the recognition of our efforts to provide clients with an innovative investment solution, but we feel incredibly privileged that we have been named the winner of such a sought after award and endeavour to seek new and exciting ways to innovate our portfolios year after year.

To learn more about our award winning portfolios, please visit our website, or to speak to a member of the team please call (+230) 454 6400 or email