TAM Caters for Sharia Clients

TAM Asset Management offer clients an attractive selection of investment portfolios with funds that are compliant with the principles of Islam.

-    Multi-manager model portfolios
-    Five risk profiles from defensive to adventurous
-    Minimum investment £10,000 (or equivalent)
-    AMC 0.75%*

The importance of Islamic finance is growing, as is the need for an attractive Sharia-compliant investment option. TAM understands that making the right financial decision is imperative and has thus created a tailor made range of risk profile portfolios for our Sharia clients.

The funds selected invest in shares of companies whose main business / activities are compliant with the Sharia law. This means that the TAM Sharia portfolios will not invest in companies that: 

•    Provide non Islamic financial services and any other related services 
•    Manufacture / sell products or services not approved by the Sharia; pork, liquors, tobacco, gambling, pornography, etc. 
•    Have interest revenue exceeding a certain % of total revenue (usually 5%) / unless it is given to charity 
•    Have a certain % of non-liquid assets 

Brian Adams, Founder of Islamic Wealth Management, outsources investment management to TAM for his Sharia clients and said, “I use TAM for our clients’ Sharia requirements because as a business, they hold similar principles to Islamic Wealth Management which complement and inextricably link to our client requirements and the investment philosophy we adopt. Furthermore, everything is managed in a professional manner ensuring that client experience is central to the advice process.”

TAM Sharia clients, in conjunction with their financial adviser, select a risk profile that most closely reflects their investment return objectives and attitude to risk. TAM offers five model portfolios that span the risk spectrum from more defensive lower risk returns to higher risk equity based investment returns.

Each investor receives a pre investment report and has access to the company’s innovative platform which allows instant valuations, performance information and asset exposure analysis. The portfolio range can be utilized as an underlying asset for ISA, SIPP, pension or workplace pension.

If you would like to know more about our Sharia portfolios, you can get in touch with a member of our team here. 

*Other fees are applicable