The British manager TAM AM opens its first European office in Spain

Good news for Spain in the process of attracting British entities in the context of Brexit. The manager TAM AM , specialized in discretionary management, registers its first European office in Spain. Specifically, the entity has just registered a securities agency (TAM Europe AM) based in Calvia (Mallorca).

From the Balearic locality will serve its customers in Spain, mostly British expats or residents of other countries. Its objective is to offer its management to private and institutional clients, to whom bespoke vehicles are offered through funds portfolios or funds of funds. 

The entity has a range made up of six types of portfolios, with TAM Premier being the portfolio with the highest track record . On the other hand, they have model investment solutions portfolios (TAM Focus) and low-cost portfolios (TAM Passive). In addition, in recent years the firm has specialized in ESG portfolio management, where they offer five risk profiles (TAM ESG). They also have a range of Islamic investment portfolios designed in a Shariah compliant manner.

Furthermore, the firm has a range of funds, the TAM Global Funds , made up of three profiles: Balanced, Moderate and Growth. Finally, they offer white label services for banks and large companies that want to delegate management to TAM AM. 

The Spanish office is the first step in their planned expansion for Europe and they also believe, according to sources consulted by FundsPeople, that it will allow them to better circumvent Brexit and the possible complications that may make it impossible to distribute their services in Europe as a British manager. 

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