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29th June 2018
Charity Digital

Online investment platform adds charity partners

British fintech firms are set to retain their cutting edge as they continue to play a vital role in financial services and the wider economy.

A new non-advised online investment platform that provides charity members with access to expertly managed investment portfolios – while also giving them the opportunity to benefit their chosen charity in the process – has added four new charities to its partner list.

Alzheimer’s Research UK, Blue Cross , DEBRA, and Yorkshire Air Ambulance have joined existing participants The Archway Project, Bobath Scotland, HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity, and Willow Foundation as partners of online investment management platform Greenfinch.

Greenfinch allows charity members to invest in a range of mainstream and ethical portfolios, either directly via a general investment account (GIA) or via an individual savings account (ISA). Each portfolio is part of the patented ‘You Give We Give’ (YGWG) donation scheme, which presents socially-responsible investors with the opportunity to digitally donate a percentage of their annual profits to a charity of their choice. Investors are also given the opportunity to make an initial donation upon opening their accounts.

The investment management company behind Greenfinch, TAM Asset Management, matches the donation with an equal percentage from its annual fee, and manages the portfolios and products.

“The rise of online wealth management has opened-up the market to a new generation of investors, [but] unlike typical online platforms, Greenfinch is 100 per cent non-advised. This means the platform offers minimal regulatory risk,” said Lester Petch, CEO at TAM Asset Management. “YGWG is a unique way for charities to engage with their supporters and raise funds – more than £53,000 had been raised for Greenfinch charity partners up till April 2018. It allows investors to combine their environmental and social considerations with strategies designed to deliver long-term capital growth.”

“We’re delighted to be partnered with Greenfinch, as this is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of our cause, while also generating the funds we need to invest into pioneering dementia research,” said Vicky Lake, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Alzheimer’s Research UK.

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