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5th September 2013
FT Adviser

Tam Asset Management launches auto enrolment solution

Members will be free to switch between risk profiles as they see fit. Discretionary asset manager Tam Asset Management has launched an investment solution designed specifically to meet the demands of autoenrolment.

Centum offers a range of risk-profiled portfolios and is designed specifically for regular contributions in workplace pensions schemes.

The tool, used for Tam’s own staff pension scheme, offers four distinct risk profiles, with members free to move between them as they please.

Centum will charge an ongoing annual management charge of 0.6 per cent.

Tam also plans to launch a version of Centum for the offshore market. Lester Petch, chief executive of Tam, said: “[Centum] allows for broadly

diversified investments and uniquely, we offer comprehensive online reporting via out platform to all members – the employer, scheme

administrator and the individual employee, who can track the value and the performance of their own portfolios 24 hours a day.”

By Michael Trudeau