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TAM Focus Portfolios

TAM have developed a range of model portfolios to meet the need of our clients. TAM FOCUS clients select a risk-profile that most closely reflects their return objectives and attitude to risk.

TAM offers four risk graded portfolios that span the risk spectrum from more cautious lower risk returns through to higher risk equity based investment returns.



Key Advantages


Access to professional discretionary management without incurring premium costs.


We produce a comprehensive report which clearly focuses on investment objectives, risk rating and asset allocation. This is provided to all clients before investing.


The Focus portfolios span the risk spectrum from a Cautious, lower risk profiling, to an Adventurous profiling with a higher equity content.


You can invest directly into the four Focus portfolios, or use them as an underlying asset for an ISA, SIPP, Pension, Trust or a Life Assurance wrapped product.


Focus clients can opt for regular or ad-hoc income payments as required at a level that benefits their own needs.


The Focus portfolios run on TAM’s innovative platform, which allows instant valuations, performance information and asset exposure analysis.


We provide the highest levels of transparency for assets and costs in line with, and often exceeding, that required by the industry.


The Focus product allows for a broadly diversified investment solutions including an international element in line with the risk profile selected.


Once a professional advisor is registered with TAM they can download customised client reports and efficiently open accounts.

Multi-asset investing

With a best of breed approach, TAM creates and manages portfolios diversified by not only underlying investment asset and sector, but also by manager and corporate provider. This is essential to adding value to client portfolios. Depending upon the selection of risk profiled portfolio TAM uses OEICS, unit trusts, exchange traded funds and structured products to access a broad range of assets including equities, fixed income, property, commodities, alternative investment and hedge funds.


Financial Advisor Disclaimer

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