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TAM in the News

  • Tech Roundtable - The lessons of dotcom 20 years on


    A handful of tech stocks account for a large proportion of the 10-year equities bull run. Can looking back to 2000 teach us anything about today?

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  • Expert Investors: James Penny of TAM Asset Management

    Fund selection plays a crucial role in portfolio construction. Once the asset allocation decision has been made, these individuals need to decide how they want to be exposed, be it through a mutual fund, investment trust or ETF.

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  • Seven wealth managers' top passive plays

    Despite the negative press active management has received off the back of the Woodford debacle, its presence in capital markets remains a core pillar when one considers the effect of long-term compounding returns and capital preservation capabilities from quality active managers over that of the index.

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  • Try saving - don't pin hopes on the lottery

    How many of us, seeking an immediate change of fortune, have impulsively shelled out £2.50, crossed our fingers and bought a Lottery ticket in the hope of scooping a £155 million jackpot?

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  • Investment uncovered

    Investment uncovered:‘I didn’t think an advised proposition was scalable or sustainable’

    Neil Jefferies, head of financial planning at Adroit Financial Planning, discusses DFM panels, the needs of clients and managed portfolios.

    Is your approach to investment management in-house, outsourced or a combination of both?

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  • How to avoid making a dog's dinner of your investments

    Browse through any weekday television guide and it soon becomes apparent that much of the nation must be obsessed with cookery programmes. They clutter the TV schedules like discarded junk consigned to the attic, yet some viewers must love them. Television companies adore them too because they're so cheap to produce - very few people get paid to appear on them.

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  • How to avoid overpaying for underperfoming wealth talent

    A decade-long run of steady year-on-year increases in wealth management assets came to a shuddering halt in last year’s volatility, putting a far sharper focus on balance sheet discipline to sustain profitability.

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  • Cash is no longer king - but we still need it!

    News that around £1.5 billion-worth of old banknotes have yet to be redeemed more than a year after they ceased being legal tender will have encouraged many of us to take a second look at where we may have left a few ancient fivers. No joy? Me neither.

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  • Frightened of investing? Don't be!

    I was in London last week where I met the chief executive of a firm with whom I've dealt for some time.

    Long story short: she asked me to give a talk to a few hundred people at a forthcoming event, an invitation to which I agreed, perhaps a little too readily, because when the subject matter was revealed, it put me on the back foot. The topic on which I must speak for 15-20 minutes is:

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  • DIY pensions: why you can't rely on the state

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) doesn't hold back when it comes to publishing statistics and forecasts on just about every topic under the sun.

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  • The red flags signalling a fund manager may have lost it

    Are fund managers too big to fail? No. If they fall below market expectations, they shrink through natural sales.

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  • Do you want to make saving simpler?

    If the internet age possesses a curse which blights us all, it's surely that we're frequently overwhelmed with too much information.

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  • Are millennials spending too much money?

    I'm indebted to research undertaken by Preston-based Profile Pensions which exposes, in the starkest possible detail, the enormous chasm between Millennials' monthly expenditure and the current state pension.


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  • The simple financial habit you'll want to nurture

    Years before the Abbey National Building Society became part of a much larger organisation (Santander), it was a stand-alone business, highly ranked within the FTSE100 index.

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  • Is an ISA the key to enjoying more leisure time?

    An email arrived this week asking whether the sender could call me instead of emailing 'reams of paper' and discuss his business proposition in a five minute conversation rather than via a dozen emails. This seemed infinitely preferable to having an unfamiliar name in my inbox, an idea to be encouraged as it injects human contact to our otherwise busy, almost exclusively electronic lives.

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  • Are these the five keys to happiness?

    'Penniless care worker inherits stately home' ran the newspaper headline earlier this week, a must-read story for those of us fascinated by rags-to-riches tales.

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  • How financial issues are a global problem

    I've always liked France. From the inaugural school visit to Carnac when we travelled for more than 15 hours by coach, to the wedding my wife and I attended in a picture postcard Dordogne town last weekend, there's always something special about the country, its cities, sweet-sounding language and polite forms of address; France is a nation where the word 'respect' retains its original meaning.

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  • How do you plan for the financial unknown?

    In February 2002, US Secretary of State for Defence Donald Rumsfeld was lampooned rather too hastily after stating during a briefing that: “There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know.”

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  • Would you take a financial risk?

    Although many people get fed up with emails asking if they can spare five minutes to answer a questionnaire, opinions and attitudes matter a lot nowadays which explains why surveys and their results are so valued.

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  • The rise in ethical investments

    Once upon a time, the vast majority of investors deliberately avoided investing ‘ethically’. This widespread display of uneasy reluctance didn’t necessarily reflect an innate opposition to the concept of investing in companies attempting to make a positive contribution to society per se. Instead, it highlighted the fact that: a) the companies tended to be quite small, which meant few investors had heard of them, and b) the returns available from ethical investing were, frankly, poor.

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  • ISAs or pensions? Three passengers decide

    First, well done Virgin Trains.

    Last week, my return train journey from London was over 45 minutes late arriving at its destination. Prior to disembarking, however, a guard announced that everyone should retain their tickets because we were entitled to a refund. One simple online form completion later and hey presto, my account was credited three days later. Great service.

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  • A 'most interesting time': Inside eight wealth managers' minds

    Last week, we got exclusive access to some of the leading figures in wealth management at our Wealth Manager Conference and Awards ceremony.

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  • ISAs: a simple way to save

    Understanding ISAs really is simple. Saving with an ISA needn’t be complicated, in fact, it’s as easy as ABC, says Peter Sharkey 

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  • Investing in Rightmove’s common sense

    Many would-be buyers conclude that if a vendor can’t be bothered to straighten the duvet, what else has been neglected?

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  • Use or lose your cash ISA

    French inflation has outstripped that of the UK for much of the past five years, while its economic growth is best described as haphazard.

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  • TAM Highly commended at Professional Adviser Awards

    Montage Wealth Management and Premier Asset Management were multiple winners at the 2019 Professional Adviser Awards, while 14 firms made the grade in this year's 'Best Financial Advisers To Work For' survey.

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  • Robo resistance: how IFAs can fight back

    Nutmeg, the biggest robo firm in the UK, has started hiring human advisers. If you’re an IFA, it’s tempting to take the news as a vindication or an admission that automated services can’t match up to the real deal.

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  • It's time for advisers to fight back

    It's time for advisers to fight back  .....Lester Petch

    Robo-advisers are encroaching on IFA terrain more than ever before.

    How? By hiring human advisers to supplement their algorithms and offer advice at a fraction of the traditional price.


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  • Investing to #FightEB

    We’re delighted to be partnered with investment platform Greenfinch’s You Give We Give initiative to #FightEB

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  • Professional Adviser Awards 2019 - Finalist

    We are honoured to have received three nominations at the prestigious 2019 Professional Adviser Awards:

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  • You Give We Give: the smart investment that benefits you and Willow

    Willow is delighted to announce a new partnership with the online investment platform Greenfinch! 

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  • Lester Petch: Wake up IFAs – hybrid robos are on the march

    Robo-advisers are encroaching on IFAs more than ever before. How? By complementing their algorithms with human advisers. 

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  • Budget 2018: 10 wealth managers' predictions

    What does chancellor Philip Hammond have in store for businesses and the wealthy in next Monday's Budget?


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  • Round one: passive versus active

    Multi-asset funds are becoming a popular solution as investors look to diversify their holdings and invest across several asset classes in one fund wrapper. 

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  • Financial planning: how to avoid mistakes

    Financial columnist Peter Sharkey says a building disaster in Bulgaria and HS2 are good metaphors for avoiding bad financial plans

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  • MPS Investment Committee: James Penny, TAM Asset Management

    James Penny, senior investment management at TAM Asset Management tells us why it's time to diversify as the US steams ahead.

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  • TAM Group signs $200 million deal with international advisor VFS

    The partnership will see VFS coming together with the TAM Group’s international arm and its state of the art DFM service to set a new benchmark in wealth management for the offshore IFA industry.

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  • TAM wins key $200 million discretionary mandate

    TAM Group has been handed a $200 million (£154.8 million) mandate by a Mauritian financial advisory firm in a deal that will increase its assets under management by 40%.

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  • VFS and TAM sign $200m deal for DFM service

    VFS International has formed a strategic partnership with TAM Asset Management International, an award-winning specialist in discretionary fund management (DFM), that claims to set a new benchmark for the international IFA industry.

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  • Bull market ‘nears end’ as wealth managers talk Trump, bears and recession

    It’s official - the bull market hit the grand old age of 3,454 days today, marking the longest period of uninterrupted gains in recent history. However, David Dawkins finds caution in the air as wealth managers warn that the ageing bull is now in the ‘late stages’ of its life cycle.

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  • MoneyAge Awards 2018 Shortlist Revealed!

    Shortlist 2018

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  • Robo adviser lands IFA partnerships through white label strategy

    As the debate rages among ‘pure’ automated robo advisers and hybrid offerings, one wealth management firm is stealthily white-labelling its digital wealth platform to ‘traditional’ IFAs.

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  • The perfect human


    Lester Petch, chief executive, TAM Asset Management

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  • Advisers need to fight back against robo adviser threat

    Originally the mission of robo was to provide an online ‘IFA free’ investment management solution – one that plugged the RDR advice gap.

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  • Why SRI is one area where new launches are encouraged

    It seems a new fund is launched almost every day. A primary consideration for asset managers is demand, but how much input do wealth managers actually have in the process?

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  • How IFAs can take advantage of the FCA robo review: play them at their own game

    In May of this year, the FCA published its review into ‘automated investment services’ – or robo advice platforms. In part the findings amounted to a suprising rebuke of their offerings, particularly in key areas such as suitability and service disclosure. 

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  • MPS Investment Committee: James Penny, TAM Asset Management

    James Penny, senior investment manager at TAM Asset Management discusses balancing risk with long-term investing.

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  • Alzheimer’s Research UK partners with new investment platform

    Alzheimer’s Research UK is ‘delighted’ to be partnered with Greenfinch – a socially responsible investment platform which offers its members the chance to give back to a chosen charity.

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  • Robo advice market set for shake-up

    The automated financial advice market is ripe for mergers and acquisitions, according to several key stakeholders, as a variety of startups struggle to reach a critical mass of clients.

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  • Online investment platform adds charity partners

    British fintech firms are set to retain their cutting edge as they continue to play a vital role in financial services and the wider economy.

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  • A bright future for fintech

    British fintech firms are set to retain their cutting edge as they continue to play a vital role in financial services and the wider economy.

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  • Wealth boutique signs up two IFAs to online service

    Boutique private client firm TAM Asset Management has signed up two more IFA firms to its online investment service.

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  • New Wealth Management Service Launched

    A new wealth management service has been launched on behalf of Willow which is designed to help supporters invest sensibly for their futures and help create more Special Days in the process.

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  • New partnership allows investors to raise money for Bobath

    Bobath Scotland needs to raise £8.50 of every £10 we spend to deliver our services and support to children and adults with cerebral palsy. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with TAM Asset Management in a new initiative that allows individuals to invest their money while raising funds for our therapy centre.

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  • New Greenfinch platform helps charities benefit from people’s financial investments

    A platform has launched that lets people support charities through their financial investments.

    Greenfinch is a white label wealth management platform from TAM Asset Management that enables people to invest in a range of mainstream and ethical portfolios, either directly via a general investment account (GIA) or via an individual savings account (ISA).

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  • Lester Petch: Fighting 'bionic' robo - a closer look at the new breed

    Robos seem to be starting to suspect algorithms alone will not cut it in the advice world, writes Lester Petch, which is bad news for advisers - or at least for those unprepared to adapt to this hybrid world.

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  • TAM aims to cut costs for financial advisers with its new digital solution

    Asset managers TAM aims to cut costs for financial advisers with its new digital solution. Advertised as the “white label robo adviser for financial advisers”, TAM have developed FinchTech: a fully digital non-advised investment solution to enable financial advisers to offer a white-labelled service to all clients, with minimal effort.

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  • Robo-advice service to plug the gap between Nutmeg and the super-rich

    Our new platform allows Financial Intermediaries to efficiently launch their own robo-advice service and engage with their clients more effectively. Financial planning firm Symphony has become the latest to enter the growing "robo-advice" melee, launching an online wealth management service to rival competitors such as Nutmeg, Wealthify and Netwealth.

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  • TAM unveils online investment service

    City-based boutique TAM Asset Management has launched an online investment service and signed up its first IFA partner. The white-labelled proposition enables advisers to offer a range of TAM’s model portfolios to clients on a non-advised basis.

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  • Should I Trust A Robo-Adviser?

    Robo-advisers are a great example of how automation is spreading like wildfire. But how safe and reliable are robo-advisers? Below Simon Bottle, COO of non-advised white label, FinchTech, talks to Finance Monthly about when and when not to trust a robo-adviser, giving some great context for investors.

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  • Winner - Sustainable Investment Awards 2017

    James Penny, one of TAM’s senior investment managers was on hand to collect our trophy for the Best New Entrant at this year’s Investment Week Sustainable Investment Awards held at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair.

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  • Most Innovative Wealth Management Firm in Africa

    TAM Asset Management International has been awarded the Most Innovative Wealth Management Firm in Africa at the prestigious Fintech Awards 2017.  

    Phillip Hadley, TAM Managing Director, commented on the award “We are pleased to receive further industry recognition for our leading-edge technology that offers both International Advisers and their clients complete access and transparency to their portfolios.   Having a regional office in Africa since 2004 allows us build a close working relation with our clients and understand their investment needs”.

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  • Busting the ethical investing myths

    Nothing about socially responsible investing is incompatible with making money, argues FinchTech's Stephanie Sotiriou

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  • What does the future look like for robo-advice?

    For all the hype around robo-advice, writes Lester Petch, it is worth asking whether it will truly revolutionise financial advice or simply entrench the market position of those with deeper pockets and established distribution

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  • Would you trust a robo-adviser with your money?

    Is it time we cut out the human middleman completely and trusted our money to algorithms when investing? 

    As a proposed solution to the lack of affordable and easily accessible financial advice, robo-advisers are growing in popularity and prominence.

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  • Momentum Pensions partners with TAM

    The income guarantee option offered through LV= is an important and timely enhancement for advisers and their clients who wish to establish a known income stream for a given period

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  • TAM shortlisted for Sustainable Investment Awards

    Investment Week is delighted to announce the finalists for this year's awards, in categories including Best ESG Fund Management Group and Best New Entrant.

    Now in their tenth year, Investment Week's Sustainable Investment Awards offer an opportunity to showcase expertise and commitment to investment factors that take into account environmental, social and ethical criteria, as well as good corporate behaviour

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  • Who’s to blame if a robo-adviser malfunctions?

    Robo-advisers are a natural response to an age of sophisticated technology, fee compression, and regulation-mandated changes to IFA payment structures. But though these platforms aren’t new, and in fact have already entered the 2.0 phase of their existence, there are still a great many concerns to be overcome.

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  • 5 Reasons Robo-Advisors May Not Make The Grade

    Robo-advice has become one of the more popular and prominent financial technology innovations of the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. However, Lester Petch, CEO at FinchTech, reckons there’s cause for concern, and below talks Finance Monthly through five reasons robo-advice may not turn out to be all it’s promised without confronting some hard-hitting issues.

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  • Dispelling the myths about ethical investment

    STEPHANIE SOTIRIOU, a senior analyst at investment firm TAM ETHICAL, counters the misconceptions about ethical investment as she explains its realities.

    Ethical investing, or socially responsible investing (SRI), is gradually emerging as a highly credible form of investing, with the objective to deliver financial returns whilst doing good for society and the environment we live in. Although trustees have a duty to their beneficiaries to maximise financial returns, "doing good" is an increasingly important consideration, especially as ethical investing becomes more mainstream, accessible and profitable.

    Charities must consider the impact that their investments are having on our society, as well as maintain their reputation amongst existing supporters and the wider public.

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  • Wealth boutique to launch online investment service

    TAM Asset Management is launching an online investment service designed to help IFAs cater for smaller and uneconomic clients.

    The firm’s Focus suite of four risk-rated model portfolios, along with its four-strong ethical range, can be white-labelled by advisers and bolted onto their website.

    The service is set to launch next quarter and the portfolios will carry an all-in fee of 0.65% with no minimum investment.

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  • Who have advisers ranked as the most popular DFM?

    Investec Wealth & Investment has been named as both the most popular and most preferred discretionary fund manager by advisers, up from fourth place last year, according to Defaqto.

    Looking at model portfolio services rather than bespoke, the preferred DFMs were Parmenion, Brooks Macdonald, Quilter Cheviot and TAM Asset Management.

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  • Pub Club: With TAM's James Penny

    The On the Road’s restaurant review for Bangers in Moorgate reads:


         Food type: Bangers.

         Notes: Have the bangers.

    Because that is exactly what TAM Asset Management’s James Penny and I did as I hardly felt I could blaspheme this establishment’s namesake by ordering the risotto, writes Suzie Bliss.

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  • TAM Asset Management International named Best Investment Management Service provider

    TAM Asset Management International was named Best Investment Management Service provider in the Wealth & Finance 2016 – Fund Manager Elite awards.

    TAM would like to thank the judging panel and all the clients that voted for this prestigious award.

    Phillip Hadley, CIO, said “This award is recognition that TAM continues to bring a European standard of discretionary assert management to the international marketplace.”

    TAM Asset Management is an innovative provider of discretionary portfolio management services to financial intermediaries and their clients.  


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  • Which are the most popular DFMs with advisers?

    The inaugural report from the research and ratings firm asked 272 financial advisers between December 2015 and January 2016 about their DFM usage and service requirements.

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  • Seven wealth managers' top Leicester City moments

    Leicester city’s victory is being hailed as a total upset for the bookies, a 5000-1 triumph against the odds. I can only imagine in the locker room it was anything but. We have to remind ourselves this victory was stretched out over 38 hard fought games. To us at TAM Leicester’s victory is a story about digging in when the going gets tough and taking things one game at a time.

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  • DV Global tie-up targets expat market

    International distribution company DV Global has partnered up with platform provider Novia Global and DFM TAM Asset Management as part of a formal launch of its panel of products and services aimed at expat-focused financial advisers.

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  • Where are the best new sustainable or ethical investment opportunities?

    With ethics and responsible investing becoming a core part of many investors’ criteria, Investment Week asks which themes or stockpicks are standing out.

    We have been working with a select number of funds who have scored highly on this benchmark thus giving TAM the ability to provide our SRI clients with a viable alternative to the fixed income market.

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  • Profile: TAM Asset Management’s CEO prepares for a quantum leap

    TAM Asset Management may be a relatively small business, but chief executive Lester Petch has big ambitions and believes the firm is on the verge of a 'quantum leap’.

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  • Brave new world: how 6 wealth firms have embraced technology

    In this increasingly digital age, we asked wealth managers what investments they have been making in their business.

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  • Alpha attack: 10 wealth managers reveal their best ideas

    Well the first half of 2015 certainly hasn’t disappointed. Between Chinese equity bubbles, global rates volatility, Greek brinkmanship and ever increasing policy divergence the more risk adverse investor has had ample inflection points at which to take risk off the table.

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  • Eight UK equity funds for when bargains are hard to come by

    Christian Holland, senior investment manager at TAM Asset Management, examines which funds should provide a smooth ride in the post-General Election UK equities landscape

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  • Heroes Cycle London to Paris With a £10,000 Goal

    We’d like to thank those of you who dare to do exceptional things for the sake of others.

    Whether it’s at the Big Sleep Out or at the Edinburgh Sportive, we’re always amazed at how far people will push themselves to make a difference.

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  • TAM Ethical Dream Team Cycle to Paris

    An eleven strong team of enthusiastic TAM Ethical employees donned their cycling gear earlier this month to cycle from London to Paris - no easy feat! 3 days and 300 miles later they arrived at the foot of the Eiffel Tower slightly sore but with rather large smiles - and of course some champagne to celebrate!

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  • TAM Ethical’s “YOU GIVE, WE GIVE” Cycling Team raise funds for Impact Arts

    This time last week, TAM's newly formed team of cyclists had embarked on a 3 day, 300 mile mission in the hope of raising vital funds for the ten You Give We Give charity partners, of which Impact Arts is one.

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  • Dream team conquer London to Paris

    This month, a team of eight cyclists from asset management company TAM Ethical embarked on the 3-day, 300-mile mission of riding from London to Paris. The whole team successfully completed the ride and arrived home in one piece, albeit a little sore in parts. It was no mean feat.

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  • Investment Committee: Christian Holland, TAM Asset Management

    Christian Holland of TAM Asset Management explains why cheap money is no substitute for sustainable earnings

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  • Positive change: Three weeks in Asia with TAM Asset Management

    With Asia currently experiencing a regulatory overhaul, Lester Petch, chief executive at private wealth management firm Tam Asset Management, visited the region to see how its advisory markets have been affected.

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    With inflation in the US held back by the lower oil price, even a strengthening economy may not tempt the Fed to raise interest rates just yet, as once it starts there will be no going back.

    There has been a difference of opinion between the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and the bond markets for some time about when US interest rates will start rising. The undeniably good macroeconomic news appeared to support the Fed’s repeated warnings that rates would go up sooner rather than later. But markets did not bite, as shown by record low bond yields reached in the first quarter, which remain low today despite the Fed recently taking a less dovish stance in its official outlook statement.

    Link to original article:

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  • TAM Ethical donates nearly £4,000 via ‘You Give, We Give’ scheme

    TAM Asset Management’s socially responsible TAM Ethical portfolio has raised nearly £4,000 for charity through its ‘You Give, We Give’ scheme since launching in May last year, with considerable growth predicted over the next 12 months.

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  • TAM Asset Management’s ‘You give, we give’ initiative

    Giving to charity is something that we can all do, writes Suzie Bliss. But sometimes it isn’t convenient to stop on a busy street, get out your wallet and make a considered donation to a volunteer shaking a bucket.

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  • TAM Ethical Launch No AMC ISA Offer

    TAM Ethical have launched a brand new ISA offer for ethical investors. For every new ISA opened within the Ethical product range between 1st January 2015 and 5th January 2016, investors can enjoy no annual management charge (AMC) for the first full year.

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  • PGGM and Legal & General in €500m ESG-heavy real estate tie

    TAM Ethical, the London-based investment management firm, has launched a new ISA [individual savings account] offer for ethical investors. For every new ISA opened within the Ethical product range between January 1 2015 and January 5 2016 investors won’t have to pay an annual management charge for the first full year.

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  • TAM Ethical launches 'Ethical ISA' offer

    Company promises to waive annual 0.4 per cent annual management fee.

    Savers wishing to place their money in a bank that will shield their investments from controversial industries such as fossil fuels and tobacco have a growing number of places to turn.

    However, this month TAM Ethical has launched a new offer to attract more people to green investments by launching a dedicated Ethical ISA for customers with a minimum of £10,000. The new TAM Ethical ISA option will waive the annual 0.4 per cent annual management charge to anyone signing up this year.

    A spokeswoman told BusinessGreen the estimated return on investments is dependent on the financial markets but it has been "extremely positive" over the past three years. 

    TAM promises ethically and socially responsible screening for investors, meaning that it excludes funds that invest in companies which have a negative impact on the environment, society and animal welfare. In addition, customers have the option to donate a percentage of their annual net profits to a charity of their choice. 

    "TAM is delighted to present this offer to ethical investors," said TAM chief executive Lester Petch. "As part of our commitment to socially responsible investment, we aim to ensure charges to clients are as competitive as reasonably possible." 

    Link to original article:‐ethical‐launches‐green‐isa‐offer



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  • Investing beyond ethical?

    Last week marked the first Good Money Week, a rebrand of National Ethical Investment Week. Some people in the industry wondered if the change indicated the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association was dumbing down the old National Ethical Investment Week. But rather than pitching the campaign at a lower level to ensure people understand it, UKSIF says the new name is more relevant and accessible to a wider audience.

    “UKSIF has a broad range of members who don’t just want to talk about a narrow, defined vision of ethical investment. It’s now about responsible investing and things like pension funds,” says UKSIF programme director and Good Money Week project manager Lisa Stonestreet.
    Stonestreet says at the time of UKSIF’s first National Ethical Investment Week in 2008, “ethical investment” summed up all the environmental, social and ethical considerations around what people did with their money.

    She says: “To a certain extent that is still true but people don’t necessarily mean investment funds. We found the term investment can be alienating. Some people don’t have investment portfolios and were saying ‘this isn’t for me’. But we’re also talking about people with bank accounts, Isas and pensions, not just high-net-worth investors with financial advisers.”

    The other part of the problem was the term ethical.  Stonestreet says: “A lot of people have pre-ordained ideas about what ethical is and having ethical in the name of our campaign narrowed it down. It has broadened and evolved, so we are now seeing a lot more options for people. Good Money is an umbrella term to talk about what’s being done and what options there are. It’s inclusive and accessible.”

    But Tilney BestInvest managing director Jason Hollands says this part of the industry regularly changes how it describes itself. What started off as ethical is also known as socially responsible; environmental, social and governance; responsible and now Good Money has been brought into the mix. “I think it is indicative of that part of the industry failing to grasp what it stands for, and that is rippling through to the complexity at product level,” he says.

    Hollands points out that due to the subjective nature of investors’ beliefs, investing in these types of funds will always involve compromise for investors and grey areas for fund managers, so it is unlikely a single fund will reflect all their views. “You have to go through a lot of detail to get to what you care about,” he says.

    In recent years, all kinds of companies have recognised it makes sense to be socially responsible, environmentally friendly and have high corporate governance standards, otherwise they risk damaging their share prices or profitability. This means investors do not necessarily have to hold specialist ethical or similarly named funds to do some good with their money. And if they do, there may be extra things that the financial services industry can do to benefit good causes.

    Virtuo Wealth management director Scott Murray supports TAM Asset Management’s “you give, we give” scheme. Under this scheme, investors in the TAM Ethical fund can choose to donate a percentage of their annual growth from their portfolio to a charity of their choice and TAM will match this amount out of their management fee. Murray thinks the scheme has its greatest impact among smaller charities.

    “If 20 clients donate to a small charity, it might only be £100 per client but £2,000 is a reasonable income for small charities,” he says.

    Since 2000, global asset manager American Century Investments has donated 40 per cent of its annual profits to medical research organisations through an endowment set up by the firm’s founder Jim Stowers and his wife Virginia.

    American Century Investments vice-president, international sales, Jamie Downing says: “It’s our impression that clients want to work with firms that share their values or a commitment to a cause. We believe clients want to do business with companies that not only demonstrate competence in their area of expertise but are also good corporate citizens.”

    This type of business environment has also paved the way for impact and solutions-based investment. Rather than screening funds based on negative and positive criteria, these asset management firms invest in companies that are benefiting from or bringing about positive social, environmental and corporate change through solutions to problems. With a genuine business case comes the potential to make money.

    EcoAlpha Asset Management founder and chief executive Matthew Fitzmaurice  says:“It’s got to the point where no one needs to choose between superior risk-adjusted returns and their values, you can do both. We own companies that are providing solutions, not the companies that are becoming more efficient as a result. This means we are part of the solution, not the problem.”

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  • SIPPs: Socially responsible, fee ‘free’ SIPP launched

    Any thoughts that innovation in the SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) market is dead, have been put to rest by the launch of a new socially responsible, fee ‘free’, SIPP.

    The new ‘Socially Responsible’ Pension is the result of a partnership between SIPP provider, London & Colonial and fund manager, TAM Asset Management. 

    How does it work?

    TAM Asset Management will meet the annual cost of the London & Colonial SIPP up until benefits, whether that is tax-free cash or income, is taken. 

    To put it another way, up until retirement no SIPP costs will be payable directly by the member to London & Colonial.

    After retirement, assuming Income Drawdown is the chosen option, an annual charge currently of £146 will be made. In return for providing the ‘free’ SIPP TAM Asset Management will manage the investments held within the SIPP on behalf of the member, who will have access to a wide range of socially responsible investments. There will be charges associated with the TAM Asset Management investments. 

    What is ‘socially responsible’ investment?

    A precise definition isn’t easy to pin down, however it broadly means the investor will take into account both the environmental and social impact of the investments they make.

    Responsible investment approaches can be differentiated from conventional investing in two ways. The first of these concerns the timeframes involved, with the ultimate goal being the creation of sustainable longer term investment returns of the kind more commonly sought by pension savers, as opposed to purely short term gains.

    The second, is that any form of responsible investment will always require far greater attention to be paid to the much wider contextual factors. These include the stability and health of economic and environmental systems, as well as the evolving values and expectations of the societies of which they are a part.

    When considering an investment TAM take into account three key factors:

    1. Environmental impact
    2. Social responsibility
    3. Animal welfare

    ‘You Give – We Give’ scheme

    Members of the SIPP will also have change to participate in TAM Asset Management’s ‘You Give – We Give’ scheme. Any members participating in the scheme, can elect to give a percentage of any income taken to a charity of their choice, with the amount being matched by TAM Asset Management. The amount received by the charity can further be increased through the use of Gift Aid. 

    Members will also be able to leave a lump sum to charity on their death, totally free of tax.

    Commenting on the launch, Adam Wrench, Head of Product and Business Development at London & Colonial, said: “The more socially responsible approach to investing recently introduced through our association with TAM, has now been enhanced even further by the fact that all client charges associated with our SIPP will be met in full by TAM Asset Management. Only at the point where your client starts to take an income from their SIPP will London & Colonial’s fees apply”.

    Whilst Lester Petch, CEO of TAM Asset Management, added: “By removing the responsibility for meeting the fees usually associated with investment into a SIPP, not only can your clients now rest assured that their desire to be more socially responsible in their approach to investing is adequately catered for, but such choices will start to make financial as well as ethical sense, in addition to rewarding your more principled clients for their laudable values”.

    Want to know more?

    If you would like to know more about the ‘Socially Responsible’ Pension you can call London & Colonial’s Paul Forman on 07557 110284 or email

    Alternatively call one of the Investment Sense SIPP specialists on 0115 933 8433 or email

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  • Asset Allocation: Why TAM Asset Management is steering clear of emerging market funds

    TAM Asset Management is steering clear of emerging market funds and instead looking to strategic bond funds to offer “dynamic” active management.

    Senior investment manager Christian Holland (pictured) says it is a space the wealth management firm does not need direct exposure to.

    Holland says: “We just do not need to be there. We are looking to funds such as Rathbones and TwentyFour Asset Management to give us that dynamic management.” 

    TAM currently has 4 per cent exposure in its TAM AM balanced portfolio to the Rathbone Strategic Bond fund and the TwentyFour Dynamic Bond fund. The portfolio is currently overweight in equities, a position the firm has held for some time. 

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  • You give we give: Capability Scotland to benefit from Scottish Charity ISA

    Capability Scotland is one of the charity partners set to benefit from an innovative new scheme which enables Scottish investors to donate income from their investment to charity.

    The 'You Give We Give' Scottish Charity ISA, which was launched at the Scottish Parliament, is the creation of two financial organisations, Virtuo Wealth Management and Tam Asset Management.

    The scheme enables investors to give away a chosen percentage of any annual return they make on their ISA to the charity of their choice.  Their gift is matched by TAM Asset Management who donate the same percentage of their annual management fee to the same charity.

    Capability Scotland Chief Executive, Dana O'Dwyer, said:

    "Capability Scotland looks forward to partnering Virtuo Wealth Management and Tam Asset Management on this scheme which will benefit the disabled adults and children we support across Scotland.

    "It is so important to be able to keep offering our supporters new and innovative ways to give which fit in with their lifestyles and financial arrangements. This unique partnership gives us an opportunity to do just that."

    Scott Murray of Virtuo Wealth said:

    "We are delighted to be entering into partnership with Capability Scotland as a preferred Partner Charity. We envisage Capability Scotland should benefit from significant support on an ongoing basis and look forward to working with them in the years to come."

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  • 'You give, we give' charity Isa offers unique investment

    Scottish investors are being offered a unique opportunity to use their Isa saving to benefit charities of their choice in a 'you give, we give' investment.

    The Charities for Scotland Isa was launched at an event at the Scottish Parliament attended by national and local charities, leading Scottish fund managers, and potential investors.

    Its creators believe it will play into the growing demand for socially aware investing, and are also working on the first 'ethical pension' product which they believe could appeal to new ¬workplace savers under auto-enrolment.

    The Isa is the brainchild of Edinburgh-based Virtuo Wealth Management and London-based employee-owned wealth specialist Tam Asset Management.

    It enables investors to sign away a chosen percentage of any annual returns they make to their chosen charity.

    TAM Ethical will then guarantee to match that by donating the same percentage of its annual management fee to the same charity. Donations can be gift-aided, they may be eligible for tax relief, and investors can change their charity or opt out at any time.

    Scott Murray, founder of Virtuo, said: "We are trying to encourage investors into the ethical investment market, but trying to partner with charities where we can donate some of the growth potential available and pass it on tax-efficiently.

    "Since the financial crisis we have started to think 'how much growth is enough, if portfolios make 10% is that enough?' Rather than asking people to dip into capital, why not ask them to take it out of income?"

    Mr Murray, an accountant who started the firm when he became "disillusioned about the sector," added: "We all try to shop organically and locally, I think we have to look at investment ethically or at least consider starting off with a percentage.

    "It is not dotcom small companies, we are talking about large-cap companies with track records of profitability, and there are very attractive potential returns out there."

    Lester Petch of TAM Ethical said the concept of 'if you give a bit, we give a bit' was a powerful one, and the managers hoped to work with small- and medium-sized charities which most needed help.

    He added: "We are working with the pension sector to create a socially responsible and ethically minded pension where charities can also benefit. We are moving into an era where charitable contributions from the financial sector can increase and should increase.

    "This is going to build into something quite dynamic but it is going to be a slow burn."

    Mr Murray said: "We are trying to make a socially responsible auto-enrolment package for charities, as they should be considering such pension schemes for their own organisations."

    TAM Ethical offers five risk-rated portfolios, for which it chooses funds from the 120 in the market.

    Mike Appleby, manager at Dundee-based Alliance Trust's Sustainable Future funds, said: "We believe companies that work against the broader society ultimately will not do as well as those who are working with society. We believe more sustainable companies make better investments and we are trying to generate returns that are better than the conventional market."

    He said many funds in the sector had outperformed the market over the past three, five and seven years despite testing conditions, and fees were in line with other funds.

    Ryan Smith of Kames Capital in Edinburgh, which has one of the oldest and best-performing ethical equity funds, said: "We are conscious that the financial sector in general probably has quite a lot to do to rebuild trust in the industry, one of the things we can do is try to make sure companies are run in a proper manner." He noted the important recent ruling by the Law Commission that charity trustees could and should consider social, environmental and governance issues when investing.

    Questioned by The Herald on charges, Mr Petch said he expected the funds would have a total expense ratio of 1% to 1.2% which was a "very low price".

    Mr Murray said: "We are very keenly costed. Financial companies have charged rather a lot, the good thing after the financial crisis is that charges have been taken down to a more appropriate level."

    Colin McLean, founder of SVM Asset Management which runs a successful SRI fund, commented afterwards: "I think it is encouraging that Scotland is getting the launch, that they have engaged with Scottish charities and Scottish investment managers, and I hope it engages with Scottish investors too.

    "It is an innovative product, it seems simple but it is administratively complex. There is no reason why it should not be successful."

    The partner charities signed up to the scheme are Yorkhill Children's Charity, Capability Scotland, Edinburgh Cyrenians, Bethany Christian Trust, and 500 Miles, which works to provide prosthetic and orthotic devices for people in Malawi, Zambia and potentially Zanzibar. But investors can choose any registered charity for their donations.

    By Simon Bain

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  • Invest in us and make a difference

    Here’s a new way you can choose to support us. We have been selected to join the list of recommended charities by TAM Asset Management, Investment Managers, as part of their new “You give, We give” scheme.

    This scheme offers investors who are part of TAM’s ethical portfolio the opportunity to make a positive impact on society by opting to donate a percentage of their annual investment gain to charity.

    It works like this: As an investor you decide to give a proportion of your annual portfolio gain to donate when you open your account. TAM will then match it by donating the same proportion from their management fees.

    It’s a very simple scheme, about which Lester Patch, CEO of TAM Ethical, says “Many of our investors wish to do more than simply ensure their portfolio is managed on a socially responsible basis by supporting a charity of their choice. 

    “We believe the “YOU GIVE, WE GIVE” scheme allows them to do so and we are delighted to partner with our clients in supporting a cause which matters to them.”

    The benefits include:

    • Choice You can choose us as the charity to receive your donation.
    • Partnership Increased donations through shared responsibility with TAM
    • Gift Aid We can benefit, where appropriate, from HMRC Gift Aid to increase that donation.
    • Simple Clear and convenient donation process.
    • Tax relief: Depending on your personal circumstances you may be able to claim tax relief on your charitable giving.
    • Flexibility: You can readily change the percentage you give

    If you wish to find out more about the scheme you can do so here

    If you would like to find out how to access the scheme and whether it would be suitable for you, National Independent Financial Advisers, Alexander House have agreed to offer support and guidance by calling 0800 316 1811 or 0207 022 0886.

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  • London & Colonial adds Tam to DFM panel

    London & Colonial has added Tam Asset Management to its panel of discretionary fund managers as it continues to augment the number of DFMs it offers.


    Last year, the London & Colonial group launched multi‐ platform versions of its self invested personal pension and open annuity products, as well as its more recently launched qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme offering, The International Open Pension.


    To complement these new products, as well as increase the levels of client choice, the firm has worked to increase the number of discretionary fund managers it offers.


    Adam Wrench, head of product and business development at London & Colonial, said: “With a multimanager approach which utilises a variety of specialist managers across the various investment disciplines, combined with an investment process derived through many years of experience and which fully integrates clients’ assets whilst still remaining conscious of their investment risk parameters, we are delighted to be able to offer them as the latest addition to our DFM panel.”


    Tam Asset Management’s services are currently available across the whole of the London & Colonial product range of Qrops, Sipps, open annuity and small self administered schemes including the multi‐platform offerings


    By Donia O'Loughlin



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  • Experience says now is not the time to invest in Asia

    Avoiding an impersonal, tick-box mentality is key to TAM's fund picking while experience in managing money in Asia has taught the team that now is not the time to invest there.


    A discretionary firm that focuses solely on the IFA market, TAM Asset Management’s top brass has its fair share of stockpicking experience. Chief executive officer Lester Petch is a former Asian equities manager at Hermes, while senior investment manager Christian Holland worked at UBS and made a career as a Japan equity fund manager for 12 years. This is invaluable when picking the right funds for the team’s portfolio.

    Fund or fund manager?

    “Because we have been in their chair before, we have a lot of empathy for the problems fund managers face and we are good at getting them to talk with us with a high level of disclosure,” says Holland.

    “The last thing we want is to go into meetings with a tick-box mentality and try and wrong-foot the managers by asking them why they bought their worst-performing stock.”

    With several high-profile managers on the move this year, a pertinent question for fund pickers today is whether they follow the fund or the fund manager. Holland puts emphasis on the former but acknowledges the two are undeniably interlinked.

    He says: “For example, Aberdeen will not tolerate fund managers departing from its accepted investment process, and if they get too cavalier they are rapidly found out. So if a fund manager leaves Aberdeen it is not such a big problem for us.

    Change of UK focus

    “Whereas if we are invested in, say, the Chelverton UK Equity Income Fund and one of the two Davids [Horner or Taylor] left, we would have to do something about it, but we rarely just buy the investment process.”

    The most high-profile departure in the fund space is Neil Woodford’s forthcoming exit from Invesco Perpetual, though TAM had already sold out of his Income fund and others in its four Focus model portfolios – Cautious, Balanced, Growth and Adventurous – prior to the announcement.

    Holland says: “We started telling clients that these [giant UK Equity Income] funds had a great pedigree and track record but had pretty much done what they were supposed to do. They gave clients exposure to equities with some degree of yield during a fairly uncertain market, which followed that bull period of 2009 with repeated emergencies of geopolitical crisis that we couldn’t foresee.

    “But last year we felt we were moving into a period of becoming very bullish on equities and felt we could add a lot of alpha by going for small and mid-sized UK companies.”


    By Gary Shepherd

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  • Tam Asset Management plans SRI pension

    Portfolios will be piloted in December and will be available through all major pension wrappers, chief executive says. Tam Asset Management is to launch a socially responsible pension portfolio, bringing together a “packaged solution” for ethical retirement saving.


    Lester Petch, chief executive officer of the discretionary manager, said the solution will be available through a pension provider that has all major wraps available, including Sipps, group Sipps, Qrops and Qnups.


    “It allows them all to have a socially responsible packaged option,” he said.


    Mr Petch said that although self-investing pension savers could build an ethical portfolio themselves, the Tam portfolio would provide a ready-built packaged solution.


    “Instead of effectively self-selecting it, you can have a packaged socially responsible pension managed during the lifetime,” he said. “There is no complete, across-the-market socially responsible option in pensions.”


    It will be piloted in December, Mr Petch added.


    By Aimee Steen





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  • Product review: Tam Asset Management ethical portfolios

    A ‘you give, we give' philosophy for charitable donations adds a new dimension for this ethical investment. Discretionary manager Tam Asset Management has launched a new thread to ethical investment with its ‘you give, we give’ scheme.

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  • You Give We Give: hope of charities revolution

    From a small office on the edge of Leith, a ground-breaking new money-raising scheme has been devised which, its founders hope, could revolutionise charitable giving across the UK.

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  • Putting ethics at the heart of advice

    Virtuo Financial Services was founded when Scott Murray decided to specialise in ethical investing. If you hear an adviser talk about a major shift in the professional life as a result of a decision shaped by personal ‘ethics’, you’d be forgiven for expecting to hear a familiar story of an intermediary that has left a larger institution or bank into to begin a practice that treats they treat clients as people rather than cash cows.

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  • IFA to back ethical AE competitor

    Virtuo Wealth Management hopes to plug a gap in the auto-enrolment marketplace with new pension. Virtuo Wealth Management, an IFA firm specialising in ethical investment, is looking to fill a gap in the auto-enrolment space with the launch of an ethical pension for companies.

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  • Tam AM model portfolios outperform in year to date

    Company expects benchmark outperformance to continue in fourth quarter.Discretionary investment manager Tam Asset Management has outperformed benchmarks for all four of its Tam Focus model portfolios in the year so far.

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  • IFA launches ethical portfolios which donate portion of AMC.

    Edinburgh-based ethical advice firm Virtuo Wealth Management has teamed up with TAM Asset Management to launch a range of socially responsible model portfolios, which will see some of the management charges donated to charity.

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  • TAM Asset Management launches range of ethical portfolios

    The discretionary investment manager TAM Asset Management is launching a range of ethical portfolios which allows investors a unique opportunity to donate to their favoured charity from a portfolio of socially responsible investments.

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  • Tam Asset Management launches auto enrolment solution

    Members will be free to switch between risk profiles as they see fit. Discretionary asset manager Tam Asset Management has launched an

    investment solution designed specifically to meet the demands of autoenrolment.

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  • Firing Line: Lester Petch

    Lester Petch, chief executive for Tam Asset Management, talks to Melanie Tringham about the road to setting up a  value for money discretionary management service for IFAs as well as the  massive opportunity made possible through the RDR.

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  • Trading positions

    Money Management brought together a group of experts operating in the UK structured products market to discuss the merits of using such instruments within a wealth management context.

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  • Investors panicked into buying gilts, says TAM

    Investment manager claims investors are so nervous about current economic climate that they are counter-intuitively buying UK gilts, despite guaranteed negative real returns.

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