UK supreme court rules in favour of parliament vote on article 50

The UK Supreme Court this morning ruled by 8 justices to 3 that parliament must hold a vote on Brexit and that the government cannot use royal prerogative to trigger article 50.  The ruling has put parliament firmly at the centre of the triggering of article 50. As a result, Theresa May is expected to push a brief bill through both houses of parliament to comply with the ruling. There still remains speculation that even a brief bill could be stalled should politicians wish to challenge the proposed exit strategy. Across the Atlantic President Trump sought to make an impact on his first day in the Oval office by following through with his election promises on protectionism via signalling the US economy would be withdrawing from the 12 nation strong Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. He also reiterated his threat to punish US companies seen to be offshoring production overseas with a hefty boarder tax.