Solutions for Trustees and other Fiduciaries

TAM has been creating bespoke investment portfolio for Trustees for over a decade.

Understanding the specific investment needs and requirement of Trustees

For over 15 years TAM have been working with international Trustees to create bespoke investment solutions that cater for their specific requirement and allow them to meet their fiduciary obligations.

We understand that no two clients have the same requirement and it is only through careful analysis and discussion can TAM create a unique investment portfolio designed meet the investment needs of beneficiaries whilst working within prevailing legislation.

Our investment portfolios can accommodate requirements ranging from capital preservation to a greater focus on capital growth and are available in multiple currencies.

Our service for Trustees includes initial and regular strategy and portfolio review meetings, client meetings and access to our online reporting systems that allow for the constant monitoring of all portfolio activities.

TAM tick the boxes for International Trustees looking to delegate or outsource investment management services. Whilst meeting their own regulatory requirements.

Trustees often need to demonstrate that any investment management services is done through companies that are fully competent to do so. TAM is fully regulated and been working closely with Trustees for over a decade.

Trustees always need to show that they have full viability and understand why investment decisions are being made.  TAM comprehensive pre-investment reports ensure that Trustees and Beneficiaries fully understand the agreed strategy and we offer real-time online reports that not only act as investment valuations but give the ‘reasons-why’ for every investment decision made.

Trustee Investment Risk

Are you concerned about inaccurate risk profiling of your clients, performance monitoring or Investment Management Selection?

We offer cost effective solutions to monitoring and the periodic risk reporting on your client portfolios.