Why Choose TAM?

TAM can trace its company roots back to the 1930’s and today is an award winning investment manager providing innovate solutions to Clients from around the globe.

Our Story

TAM can trace its company's roots back to the 1930’s and today is majority owned by its management team of experienced investment and operations professionals who believe that every investor should have access to actively managed, diversified, transparent investment portfolios, regardless of their level of wealth.

Our award-winning investment team have the depth of knowledge and understanding needed to quickly respond to ever-changing market and regulatory conditions, so you can rest assured your wealth is in capable hands.

Our entire portfolio service has been designed and developed to provide clients peace of mind in relation to key portfolio fundamentals: Accessibility, security, liquidity, flexibility, risk management, diversification, performance and transparency.

Global Reach

Through our regional offices we support clients in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.  By understanding the local context but applying the same global standards we ensure each client is offered the highest ethical and regulatory regime.


We have made our portfolios as accessible as possible. We accept investments directly or transfers from your pension scheme (SIPP and QROPS), life insurance bond, wrapper, or trust.  We work with most of the major product providers and are adding new ones each day, taking away adviser burden by liaising directly with the ceding offices.




The security of your investment is paramount, this is why TAM do not seek to hold client assets directly and instead investments are typically held on TAM's behalf with recognized custodians.  Our principal custodian, Pershing Limited, is part of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon), one of the world’s largest and strongest financial institutions in the world, unparalleled in terms of their size, security and experience in custody and clearing services. 

Pershing have been providing such services since 1939 and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. Pershing offers some of the highest levels of protection available in the industry to each and every client.  By partnering with the most respected counterparties, TAM provides clients with some of the strongest asset protection available presently in the industry. Further information regarding Pershing and their services can be found at their website:  www.pershing.co.uk


The liquidity of an investment is fundamental for its consideration for a portfolio. The time to return your client’s money is reported every day and we do not impose any lock-in periods for clients withdrawing or moving their funds if their circumstances change, or they are not entirely satisfied.


Our portfolios benefit from our ability to adjust the portfolio compositions in order to react to key market conditions. This flexibility allows TAM, within a portfolios' parameters, to add protection or take advantage of a growing market. Our TAM Passive portfolios have lower flexibility due to their 20% maximum tracking error.


Risk Management

We manage portfolios across the risk spectrum and their composition is driven by key market conditions. Our Focus, Ethical, Sharia and Passive ranges have a range of five risk profiles – Defensive to Adventurous.

 Risk Management


TAM uses diversification across asset class, geographical focus and underlying funds to spread risk and exposure.  Below is example snapshot of the asset allocation and geographical exposure Premier Balanced portfolio may typically invest in.  Actual allocations will change over time and be dependent on our prevailing economic outlook..


Our aim is simple; to increase return whilst limiting risk.

We have an excellent long-term track record dating back to before the last major financial crisis demonstrate performance across different market cycles and conditions.  Individual portfolio performance factsheets can be found here.


Our innovative online platform offers 24-hour access to clients and their advisers. It allows instant consolidation of all your investments, real-time portfolio valuations, detailed analysis of investments, performance measurement and details of asset exposure. With a few clicks it is possible to draw a full management report and have it delivered as a .pdf file instantly. This reporting package allows for you to choose the dates and style of your report and it is all available at the touch of a button.