Working alongside Financial Advisers

TAM Asset Management does not give financial advice so it is essential that we work with experienced financial advisers and intermediaries to offer our services to clients.


In addition to our portfolio offerings we have developed a suite of options specially to enhance your experience when dealing with TAM and build a more productive relationship with your clients.

How we can help you

Our proven discretionary managed portfolio service

TAM's portfolio service provides detailed, client specific investment proposals that includes; allocation changes, costs, investment process, individual holding descriptions and a great deal more.

Win new business

When working with TAM you're free to focus on business development and growth, rather than becoming tied up in daily portfolio management and administration.

Full transparency

Provide your clients with real-time access to their portfolio valuation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allowing them to understanding why each and every investment has been made.

Investment reports when you need them

we offer an available-any-time reporting function.  Within seconds you can receive an electronically delivered full investment review.

A white labelled actively managed portfolio service

You can offer your clients a complete discretionary investment management service with all reports, correspondence and web-site access branded with your own corporate identity. This ensures that your clients remain your clients.


Dynamic Portfolios

7 risk profiles, Over 11 year track record
Income and currency options (£, $, €)
$100,000 minimum investment

Model Portfolios

5 risk profiles, Over 6 year track record
Currency options (£, $, €)
$ 7,500 minimum investment

Ethical Investment Solutions

5 risk profiles, Over 6 year track record
Currency options (£, $, €)
$ 7,500 minimum investment

Sharia Investment Solutions

5 risk profiles, Over 4 year track record
Currency options (£, $, €)
$ 7,500 minimum investment

Low-Cost Passive Investment Solutions

5 risk profiles
Currency options (£, $, €)
$ 7,500 minimum investment

Pioneer In Charitable Giving

All TAM GIA and ISA clients have the exclusive opportunity to participate in our 'You Give, We Give’ scheme, opting to donate a % of their annual portfolio gain to a charity of their choice, with additional donations from us.