US Tech sell-off rattles global markets

Trade tensions between the US and China and worries over tightening regulation for large tech companies such as Facebook have contributed to Wall Street largely reversing its bold rebound on Monday. Tech related worries are being exacerbated by rumours the US is planning investment restriction for Chinese companies investing in US companies, whilst Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is reportedly willing to testify to the US Congress regarding the recent data privacy scandal. The US's tech-focused Nasdaq index fell almost 3 per cent throughout trading yesterday, whilst the wider S&P 500 fell around 1.7 per cent. Asian equity markets have followed the US down overnight and European markets have opened into selling today. As markets sold equities, they sought safer assets such as government debt, causing the US 10-year Treasury yield to fall to its lowest in seven weeks as prices rose. Today, this sentiment is also being reflected in European bond markets.