FinchTech awarded Best New Entrant at Investment Week's 10th Annual Sustainable Investment Awards!

We are delighted to tell you that TAM's new digital investment proposition, FinchTech Ltd, was announced Best New Entrant at Investment Week's 10th Annual Sustainable Investment Awards earlier this month.

The awards are aimed at fund managers and organisations who are at the forefront of facilitating or investing in ethical, social and environmental themes, and whose work promotes a greater understanding into the sector's potential. 

All smiles: TAM's Senior Investment Manager, James Penny, collecting the award from TV's Emma Jesson.

FinchTech has been designed to appeal to consumers who, with every passing year, factor ethical considerations more and more into their purchasing decisions and:

Gives investors the option to select institutional quality diversified portfolios founded on the principles of ethical investing whilst challenging the misconception that such investment returns are unable to rival those of their mainstream counterparts.

Includes our innovative ‘You Give We Give’ scheme which gives investors the choice of donating a small % of their annual portfolio gains to charity which TAM matches with the same % of our management fee.

Provides charities with a new sustainable fundraising stream generated from socially responsible investments. 

Lester Petch, TAM's CEO says: "As a boutique investment manager, it is no mean feat to go up against the likes of PIMCO and Barclays. We were thrilled at just being named a Finalist, so to actually bring home the award is a real honour. We are excited for the imminent launch of our new proposition and even more so to see what the future holds for digital investment." 

If you're looking to generate additional revenue from a hassle free white-labelled solution that mitigates risk as a non-advised service, then FinchTech could be the solution you're looking for. Just click the link below to find out just how easy it would be to incorporate our award-winning 'plug and play' digital investment ‘robo’ service into your current offering.