Markets were down but TAM still donate


Despite a volatile year in the markets, TAM’s positive portfolio performance meant there were still contributions towards the You Give We Give charitable donation scheme associated with TAM’s ethical investment product.

Regardless of market volatility in 2014, TAM Ethical’s clients have seen a positive performance from their investment portfolios. This means TAM has written cheques totaling almost £4,000 to a number of their clients’ chosen charities via the You Give We Give (YGWG) scheme.

The largest donation from 2014 goes to 500 miles. Olivia Giles, founder of the 500 miles charity and recent winner of the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award said, “When I first heard about YGWG, I was looking for the catch - but there isn't one; donations are only made from net profits and investors can chose their own preferred charity."

To date there are almost 70 TAM Ethical portfolios and over a third of those participate in YGWG. TAM are delighted that the scheme has proven a success and gained such interest but they expect much bigger developments for YGWG in 2015.

Stephanie Barkway, TAM Ethical’s development and marketing manager said, ‘‘It is wonderful that we have been able to write cheques to our client’s charities, considering the markets were down for the majority of the year, this is a very positive indication for significant charitable contributions when the markets are in our favour. It is an extremely exciting prospect.”