TAM’s Innovative Two!

Not one, but two, of TAM Ethical’s socially responsible products have been shortlisted for the highly sought after ‘Award for Innovation’ at the Investment Week Sustainable Investment Awards. The event will be held on Wednesday 26th November at Le Méridien Piccadilly in London.

It comes as no surprise that TAM Ethical have been shortlisted for their ‘You Give We Give’ scheme. The revolution in charitable partnership offers all TAM Ethical investors the opportunity to make a positive impact on society by opting to donate a percentage of their annual portfolio gain to a charity of their choice. Furthermore, TAM Ethical are showing their commitment to this scheme by agreeing to match every client’s donation with an equal percentage of their annual management fee. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Working with charities in Scotland, TAM Ethical and Virtuo Wealth have combined to offer a new and innovative opportunity for Scottish Savers - The Charities for Scotland ISA. Not only does this offer investors the option to make a positive impact on society whilst improving their wealth, they too can participate in You Give We Give

Mike Marigold, Founder and CEO of Montgomery Charles said, “I absolutely congratulate TAM Ethical for being shortlisted for Best Innovation of the Year with their 'You Give We Give'. I believe this will transform charitable giving in the UK, whilst introducing many conscientious savers to invest ethically for the very first time. Charities will benefit from a share of investors growth both now and more importantly, in the future, providing significant endowments that will truly do good.”

Through You Give We Give, TAM have allowed investors’ and managers’ interests to be completely aligned in supporting good causes. This recognition of innovation in the asset management arena, is just the beginning for TAM Ethical’s revolutionary stamp in the socially responsible market place.