The rise of the hybrid robo!

The rise of the hybrid robo!

As a financial adviser, you’re all too aware of the threat posed by robo-advice platforms. But while you’re still offering higher-quality advice, and while you’re still retaining your key clients, there’s probably not much to worry about. Right? Wrong!

Robo firms such as Scalable Capital have gone ‘bionic’ and started hiring human advisers. They want your clients, and they’re willing to lose money to get them, charging as little as £200 for a session with an adviser.

There are two ways to get ahead in this market: offer the best advice or compete on cost. Robo-platforms are trying to do both, don’t let them! Our new ebook helps you understand the scale of the hybrid robo uprising and the main threats.

Identify the key challenges to your operation

Learn how to simply and quickly digitise your offering when robos are ‘humanising’ theirs

Recover lost revenue

Download it here and you won’t just learn to fight robots – you’ll win.