You Give We Give raises over £20,000!

We are delighted to announce that thus far, our pioneering charitable giving scheme has raised over £20,000 for a variety of extremely worthy beneficiaries. This grand total is a combination of donations made to charities via the initiative, fundraising for the scheme's charity partners, and a boost from the HMRC Gift Aid scheme.

You Give We Give is an innovation in charitable giving. The unique scheme presents socially responsible investors with the opportunity to donate a percentage of their annual portfolio gain to a charity of their choice but it doesn't stop there - we will then match every donation with an equal percentage from our total annual fees. If you give, we give!

Financial advisers also have the opportunity to participate in the scheme and donate an equal percentage of their ongoing fee. We are delighted that Montgomery Charles Financial Planning, Virtuo Wealth Management and Symphony Financial Advisers, all participate in the scheme with every one of their clients that sign up and send many thanks on behalf of every charity that has benefited from their contributions.

In 2014, there were 14 clients with You Give We Give accounts which raised almost £4,000 including Gift Aid, donated between 10 charities. This year we were delighted to see a 58% increase in clients with You Give We Give accounts which raised over £7,000 including Gift Aid, donated between 19 charities!

This initiative not only provides clients with an innovative alternative to a traditional ethical investment portfolio, it also provides charities with an innovative alternative to traditional fundraising. Once the easy one-page application form is filled out by the client, TAM takes care of all the rest and (markets dependent) sends an annual donation to the chosen beneficiaries. It really is that simple.

Olivia Giles, founder of 500 miles - a partner charity and client beneficiary - said, "When I first heard about You Give We Give, I was looking for the catch - but there isn't one; donations are only made from net profits and investors can chose their own preferred charity."

If your clients are looking for an ethical investment portfolio with an innovative twist and you'd like to know more, please visit our website, or to speak to a member of our TAM Ethical team please call +44 (0) 207 549 7654.

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