‘En Marche’ takes 1st round in French presidential debate

Monday night saw the first round of Presidential debates held in France. In what was seen as a lively debate, candidates traded repeated blows on the French economy, Eurozone membership and Islam, as well as a good measure of personal jibes. Polls taken just after the 3 hour debate put Mr Macron of the ‘En Marche’ party as the overall winner despite the ex-economic minister taking flack on his suitability to govern the country at just 39 years of age. The French electorate are set to head to the polls in a little over a month for the first round of voting. Latest polls have both Le Pen of ‘Front National’ and Mr Macron of ‘En March’ having 26% and 26.5% of the vote respectively. Mr Macron looks set to take the presidency in the second round.