Merkel’s CDU party take 4th term in German election win

Angela Merkel of the Christian Democratic Union party has secured her place as German Chancellor for a fourth term. Whilst this election outcome was widely predicted, the euro has been shaken by how close the race to the Bundestag was. Merkel’s CDU party took 32.7% of the vote which is an 8% slide from the 2013 election and represents the worst result for her party since 1949. Election momentum was, instead, swinging towards the nationalist, right-wing “AfD” party that took 12.6% of the vote on a manifesto of anti-immigration. The last right-wing party to have a seat in the Bundestag were the Nazis, this uncomfortable fact and the failure of Merkel’s centralist party to take a sweeping majority is what is drawing the markets attention. Despite the fall in the Euro, futures markets for Europe have the main borse’s staying relatively flat at the open.